The reality of animal cruelty in zoos animal experimentation and poaching

These turtles are used for medicine, food and pets. You too can contribute to anti-poaching efforts! This non-profit was initiated in to use direct-action tactics to expose illegal behavior in international oceans and defend ocean diversity.

Later, Assyrian rulers collected crocodiles, and the Aztecs had giant birds of prey. We can see some positives in these incidents though, with the recent rescue involving 33 circus lions across South America, the outroar around the shooting of Cecil the lion and the general reaction to these stories all seem to create new tougher rules and regulations around the mistreatment of animals.

There are now large zoo populations — two thirds of all Siberian tigers live in zoos. The two-year-old was born through artificial insemination inthe first in the UK. Earth Children are a company raising awareness on environmental issues, wellness, sustainable and eco friendly living, organic gardening and revolutionising our way of interacting with the planet.

The issue of animal cruelty can be better understood with the help of animal abuse facts and statistics. The effects can be devastating: Environment Zoos - species protection or animal abuse? Climate change will continue to claim victims, especially for cold-adapted species.

Humans are the single most influential species in our ability to alter our natural environment. Worldwide trend Currently ADI has secured a ban on either the use of all animals or at least wild animals in circuses in 27 different countries, including Austria, Colombia, Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Poland, Portugal and Sweden.

Or simply read all the articles in order by using the left- and right-pointing arrows above. If zoos were only saving endangered animals, no one would complain.

World Wildlife Fund The WWFa fundraising organization for the global conservation movement, was founded in and is committed to finding solutions to end wildlife crime. They have reported that tools such as bull hooks and electric pods are used to beat the elephants, while heavy chains are used around the neck of the wild cats.

Zoos have taken away the animals' freedom and made them living skeletons. Not only were European museums and zoos being robbed of their hornsbut live rhinos in Africa and south-east Asia were being killed or maimed at a dizzying rate.

The African elephant population has been cut in half since the s due to ivory poaching. This deadly sport comes with an ugly reality. Within 5 hours she has died from heart failure. The bears and tigers are beaten and whacked by sticks and poles.

These methods have proven to be far more accurate than the mouse bioassay which was often criticized for its inconsistency between laboratories. An example of this is during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, where almost all of the 10, aquatic animals within the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas died when humans needed to evacuate.

Zoos - species protection or animal abuse?

Many animals have died this way, in the name of science! But today they live on soft ground in artificial forests, and are thus much closer to nature. PETA, from its investigation found that the cow's tails are cut and chili peppers are spread into their eyes to get them to the slaughter house.

Fortunately, there are groups working to protect wildlife by not only addressing the issue directly, but also by educating public audiences on how they might be contributing to the persistence of poaching.

This organizations works to influence government policies and regulations, as well as to educate and encourage people to make conscientious decisions.The frustrating thing for me is animal experimentation can so easily be avoided and replaced with advanced humane, non-animal methods.

The belief that animal experimentation is necessary to progress medical research is wrong. Do note that animal rights and animal welfare are two different positions. While animal rights do not consider animals as property and try to abolish commodity status, animal welfare advocates the humane treatment of animals in their use for humans.

Animal Cruelty Statistics. They are used in many fields such as entertainment, research, poaching, hunting. Ill treatment to animals have endangered species and lead to extinction. Life is important to all and the power to end rests with nobody including the humans. This deadly sport comes with an ugly reality.

It not only traumatizes. Animals falling victim to violence, abuse and neglect continue to make headlines in Malaysia.

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We look back at six of the 's worst animal scandals. Although Malaysians would rather forget the horrifying photos and reports of cruelty against animals that have become commonplace in our social media feeds, it'd be heartless to ignore the reality of what's happening. Check out this article to learn more about animal neglect and mistreatment at horrific roadside zoos.

What can you do to help animals?

Animal Cruelty Statistics

Never visit a roadside zoo. Poaching is a serious form of animal cruelty, leading some to become extinct. Poaching for centuries has affected the existence of animals across the globe, greatly decreasing the populations of tigers, rhinoceroses, and elephants.

The reality of animal cruelty in zoos animal experimentation and poaching
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