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Here are some of the notable contributors. Pillow bag-It functions exactly like the browse bag. The total weight of two days of rations is given as about 5lb.

Geology[ edit ] The characteristic boulder-like protrusion on northern face of Charlies Bunion, with the summit rising on the right Charlies Bunion comprises the western wing of Horace kephart Sawteeth, a series of narrow, jagged cliffs connecting the high peaks of the Central Smokies with the high peaks of the Eastern Smokies.

I stayed in that camp five weeks in October and November; and I was snug and happy all the time. I'm wondering if there is a historical period where such a thing would have been done. The Bushcrafter can be ordered in Scandi, saber and flat grinds and with various Micarta handle options.

So, it was with reverence in my step and gloves on my hands I accepted Horace kephart knife as Ethan handed it to me like some Excalibur. University of Tennessee Press,introduction. Webb remained a leader throughout the park movement, taking on the timber companies who published ads against making the Smokies a national park.

It is all that is needed to put up a satisfactory shelter wherever there is hemlock or balsam, or bark that will peel, while for other service I use it oftener than I do my jackknife. Let's not worry about whether that works, for now.

These articles were collected into his first book, Camping and Woodcraft, which was first published in His blades are forged one at a time and differentially tempered, with a hard edge and softer spine to resist impacts and abuse.

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The temper appears good, it holds a good edged based on cutting paper with the edge, then cutting through a pine 2x4, still cuts paper. His experiences gained from many years spent living alone and genuinely roughing it are still found in print.

Founding the National Park

The first time I heard from someone who actually had one of these hatchets and had used it was from Reid - Sharpshooter on the forums. The trapper's hatchet looks sort of OK from the side but is hindered by a thick blade.

Horace Kephart

Yep it's a Vaughan Becker is a most gracious individual. In all fairness a friend helping with the tests made the comment that there was just as much or more wood in the eye of the Vaughan as was in the eye of my old faithful ball pein hammer that has seen its share of abuse.

The taper toward the cutting edge is pretty thin, one quarter inch thick at a point one and a half inches back from the cutting edge, should cut well. It may not look like much from a distance, but get closer and there is plenty of information to be gleaned.

Far from base camp, those tools sufficed to keep him comfortable and happy during his outings.

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The heat from the fire was so intense, it not only scorched every plant in its path, but it rendered the soil sterile. He was the director of the St. You'll notice that the wood is very acceptable - as good as on most GB hatchets, and that the head is really decent. The Vaughan chops better than a large knife of similar weight but I was, perhaps without basis, fearful that the handle would not be strong enough at the eye to withstand severe usage.

Kephart points out that it is not uncommon that with food, a winter pack may weigh 50 or 60 lb.

The Horace Kephart Comeback: A Revival of the Famous Bushcraft Blade

Combined with chamfered edges at the spine and a distal taper, such a shape should move very efficiently through soft materials such as flesh while processing game. Fink and his lifelong companion Walter Diehl were pioneers in backpacking in the rugged mountains of East Tennessee and Western North Carolina.

Iowa was still very sparsely populated at the time, allowing Kephart to gain a lifelong appreciation for pioneer life. If we go through his gear lists, and update each item with its modern equivalent an act of which I believe he would approvewe would see a set of gear, which can be readily found on the trails today.

Reid A quick look at the thin blade and the wood on that hatchet and I was impressed!Destroyer Escorts and Frigates: DE 5 Evarts DE 6 Wyffels DE 7 Griswold DE 8 Steele DE 9 Carlson DE 10 Bebas DE 11 Crouter DE 12 HMS Burges (K).

Apr 27,  · Horace Kephart is another well respected pioneer in what has come to be known as bushcraft. His book Camping and Woodcraft has been a guide to many outdoorsmen, and you can find a copy of it samoilo15.com examining the book, you will notice that it contains two volumes. Our Southern Highlanders: A Narrative of Adventure in the Southern Appalachians and a Study of Life Among the Mountaineers is a book written by American author Horace Kephart (–), first published in and revised in Inspired by the years Kephart spent among the inhabitants of the remote Hazel Creek region of the Great.

The Original Kephart Knife Examined

The term woodcraft — or woodlore — denotes skills and experience in matters relating to living and thriving in the woods—such as hunting, fishing, and camping—whether on a short- or long-term basis. Traditionally, woodcraft pertains to subsistence lifestyles, with implications of samoilo15.com more recent times, and in developed countries, it relates more to either outdoor.

Horace Kephart was a master of living on his own with minimal equipment, far from civilization, and passing on his knowledge by writing about what worked in the wilderness, what did not and how to use the most basic tools and shelter to survive and thrive.

Directions to Trailhead: From the Oconaluftee Visitor Center near Cherokee, drive miles north on Newfound Gap Road to reach the parking area for the Kephart Prong Trail, located on your right, just off the side of the road.

Horace kephart
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