A personal review of the times of harvey milk a movie by rob epstein

A video of the 25th anniversary commemoration of the assassination is included as well.

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I started to do a film about the Briggs Initiative — Proposition 6 — for the very reasons we were just talking about. How did he bring about lasting change? She was taking still photos and I was doing audio recording, because at that point we were just doing research.

This is exactly why I wish Criterion would handle more docs. Also, as an inevitability, and a historical inevitability, because younger generations are not going to want to have wage this fight again and again.

You actually have a scripted feature of your own in the works now? He leaves almost no stone unturned here without overwhelming with too much detail.

We went right to City Hall. The public view at that time was about family values, with the Anita Bryants condeming homosexuals to Hell for their decadent ways Old times come round again Other extras include a selection of Milk voice tapes, research tapes, a set of unused docu snippets, film excerpts from the film's premiere and its win on the Oscars show, and the original trailer.

I think eventually the tides of history will be with us. This confession was instrumental in convincing the jury that his actions were not premeditated, which resulted in his being convicting of manslaughter instead of first-degree murder.

The Times of Harvey Milk

The very first images we see are from news cameras recording in almost uncomfortable close-up the face of Dianne Fienstein, then-president of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors, announcing that city supervisor Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office in U.

Milk's voice opposed this view openly, and he seemed to predict his early demise at the hands of an assassin who was against what he represented. We gave him the screenplay, and he said he was in. You actually have a scripted feature of your own in the works now?

Hopefully this release is a sign of things to come.

The Times of Harvey Milk

Continue reading Show less Is it any good? And what a history it is! We did oral histories with dozens of people, which helped us figure out what the essence of the story was and who we wanted to tell it. I was certainly a friend of the film and a good friend of Gus.

It remains strikingly relevant to our Prop. As for the bonus features, you get an audio commentary from direct Robert Epstein, co-editor Deborah Hoffmann, and photographer Daniel Nicoletta, deleted interview clips, a new documentary on the film featuring interviews with Gus Van Sant and James Franco, and a rare collection of audio and video recordings of Milk, among other features.

He was a ray of hope to gay people everywhere, who at that time were unrepresented and, for the most part, still forced into the closet. Director Robert Epstein had been a contributor to the groundbreaking docu Word Is Out ; this excellent and moving show about changing political times won an Academy Award for best feature documentary.

An Unauthorized Biography of the Filmmaker. The story unfolds like the real-life drama that it was, the suspense inching up as the fateful day approaches, backed up by amazing visuals and audio including Milk reading his will. NR Year of Release: One gets a sense of a tortured, complicated man, but not much more.

Epstein uses part of a taped audio will that Harvey Milk left, "recorded in case of my assassination. He was able to bring people in and effect change, not unlike our President-elect on a much grander scale.

Seas of people, holding candles and standing silently, came together in a very moving moment in time. They insisted his mental state was not compatible with one of a motivated killer.

We gave him the screenplay, and he said he was in. Although the story is told in a retrospective fashion, it still feels very in-the-moment. White, his nemesis, feels a little slight, too, a mystery figure about which not much is known. He offers us a fairly straightforward documentary narrative once he passes this attention-grabbing opening.

Talking head interviews are spread throughout along with a wide variety of stock footage and still photography. Shots showing him walking while embracing his life partner are so joyous that only a diehard bigot would take offense.

Epstein's short list of interviewees makes the docu seem all the more personal. She was taking still photos and I was doing audio recording, because at that point we were just doing research. Quite a few scenes in the latter were direct reenactments of footage used in your documentary.The Asheville Film Society will screen The Times of Harvey Milk Tuesday, June 8, at 8 p.m.

in the Cinema Lounge of the Carolina Asheville. Hosted by Xpress movie critics Ken Hanke and Justin Souther. Harvey Fierstein narrates this documentary by Rob Epstein about San Francisco's most colorful -- and tragic -- political figure: Harvey Milk, a staunch fighter for gay rights who helped forge a presence for the city's gay community in city hall.

Milk became the first openly gay member of /5(K). When “The Times of Harvey Milk,” director Rob Epstein’s electric, Oscar-winning documentary about the life and tragic death of politician and gay rights activist Harvey Milk, premiered inDan White, the man who assassinated the film’s subject, had already been released from prison.


Sep 08,  · Parents need to know that this documentary provides an unvarnished examination of a despicable act: the assassination of gay San Francisco politician Harvey Milk.

Though the crime itself isn’t shown, the buildup to it and the aftermath could be upsetting for viewers under /4.


Sep 08,  · A Academy Award winner for Best Documentary Feature, THE TIMES OF HARVEY MILK is a riveting account of politician Harvey Milk’s rise to power in San Francisco and his fight for gay rights.4/4. A very special screening of The Times of Harvey Milk, from director Rob Epstein, will take place on Constellation TV, a new online movie theater platform on Wed, Nov 16 at PM EST.

Director Rob Epstein will be hosting a live Q&A discussion with audience members in Constellation’s virtual movie theater via web-cam.

A personal review of the times of harvey milk a movie by rob epstein
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